UHAS/UHS 3042: Details of your carry marks

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In case you would like to know the details of your carry marks, here they are. Yellow box means that I do not received them. On occasions, for the online quizzes, the notification is “never submitted”.

Carry marks section 1

Carry marks section 2

Carry marks section 3

For those who are celebrating the year of the horse, Happy New Year.

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p/s: I love watching lion dances, if anybody has interesting links, I would appreciate them.

PSM Final : Template for the abstract

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About your PSM   abstracts that you are supposed to send to me in soft copies, they are meant for the Office of Undergraduates.  The office  is compiling them for as references.

I just learned that you need to use a specific template, only one page and only the English abstract. 

I am sorry about this, but I hope you bear “one more thing” related to your PSM; that is sending me your English one-page abstract.

The template and sample are attached.

One page PSM synopnis SAMPLE

One page PSM Synopsis FM

Thank you very much

SHP1313 SPACE sem 1 session 20132014: slides tambahan

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Semoga sihat dan dalam rahmat Allah.

Saya lampirkan slides yang saya guna untuk kuliah mengenai “Group”, yang saya rangkum sebahagian slides  Aamodt, Riggio dan juga Corvett.

Slides Thomas Kilmann memberi perspective yang lebih luas manakala “Hare and Tortoise” sebagai “hiburan beriktibar”

Semoga membantu.

Group behaviours, teams and conflicts

Teamwork.ppt.pptx HARE AND TORTOISE Third Party Intervention CONCILIATION Thomas Kilmann Conflict Management Styles

PSM 2 : SHY 4064 sem 1 session 20132014

Assalamu ‘alaikum wrwbt and hi everybody,

I believe all of you have your own schedule to complete your project.

Just to remind:
1) Week 10 is to hand all five chapters, ring-bind to me; and an article for the examiners ( make two copies as there will be two examiners)
2) Week 13 will be the presentation week.
3) This final copy has to have an abstract. A soft copy of the abstract has to be mailed to me.  This is because the university is compiling abstracts of PSM. The abstract must contain the title of your project, your name and of course the content.   Five keywords has to be written at the bottom

Thank you

All the best


All the best

SHP 1313 SPACE sem 1 20132014:Tugasan Individu dan Kumpulan

Assalamu`alaikum wrwbt and Hi,

Berikut adalah tugasan individu dan tugasan kumpulan.

Tugasan Individu SHP 1313 SPACE sem 1 20132014

Tugasan kumpulan SHP 1313 sem 1 20132014


1)Sila manfaatkan idea, kepakaran dan kebersamaan dalam kumpulan.

2) Berani untuk berkreatif

3) Klip video dari youtube tidak diterima

4) Tip: Setiap ahli kumpulan baca dahulu tajuk, bincang dan “brainstorm”, kemudian baru tetapkan tajuk tugasan.

Tarikh hantar tugasan individu ialah minggu 3 dan tugasan kumpulan pula ialah minggu 6

Terima kasih

SHP 1313 SPACE: sem 1 session 2013/2014

Assalamu`alaikum wrwbt and Hi,

Welcome to SHP 1313, Introduction to Industrial Psychology. I prefer to call it Industrial and Organizational Psychology (IOP) though.

For a start here is the course outline:

COURSE OUTLINE SHP 1313 sem 1 20132014

Please go through it well and see all, including the references. The main reference is Aamodt (2010/2013). However, every now and then I will also refer to and Riggio ( 2009) and Spector (2008).

A good start is to read the introduction in both books. In addition, I recommend you to visit : http://www.siop.org/

Here some slides based on Aamodt (2013). These slides have copyrights and therefore cannot be redistributed for any reason and by any means.

Chap 01 – IO Psychology

Job analysis and evaluation

An example a Job Description from Aamodt (2010):

Bookeeper page 1 Bookeeper page 2 Bookeeper page 3

Chap 02 – Analyzing and Evaluating Jobs

Chap 03 – Employee Selection and Legal Issues

Chap 04 – Recruitment & Interviews

Chap 05 – References & Testing

Chap 06 – Characteristics of Effective Tests

Chap 07 – Performance Evaluation

Chap 08 – Training Employees

By the way, I really would like to know you better so that I can tailor my teaching as much as possible to your needs and background. So please kindly fill in “Knowing you” and then mail to me: srsiwok@gmail. com. The points I stated are guides, you are free to write on other things. I also appreciate suggestions to improve our classes.

Knowing u

Thank you

SHP 1313 SPACE sem 1 sesi 20132014: Maklumat peperiksaan akhir

Assalamualaikum wrwbt dan selamat sejahtera,

Berikut adalah maklumat berkaitan peperiksaan akhir.

Format : Esei
Bilangan soalan : lima, salah satu ialah kajian kes
Bilangan soalan yang wajib dijawab : satu soalan wajib (kajian kes: 20 markah) dan dua (2) yang boleh dipilih dari empat (4)

Bahasa yang boleh digunakan untuk menjawab ialah Bahasa Melayu atau Bahasa Inggeris, dengan tulisan yang saya boleh baca dengan jelas.

Semoga bermanfaat.

Terima kasih.

SHP 1313 SPACE sem 1 session 2013/2014 : Guides for your revision

Assalamu`alaikum wrwbt. and hi,

Here are a number of slides as  guides to revision, in preparation for your exam.  More importantly, for your life-long knowledge seeking efforts.  Besides Aamodt’s slides, I include several other slides that are useful.

Happy learning.


Chap 09 – Motivating Employees


Motivation theories SUMMARY


Chap 11 – Organizational Communication


I am reproducing a diagramme from Seiler and Beal (2008). This diagramme is a “basic” model of communication. It is important to understand the roles of these elements ( or factors, as  used by Riggio) in communication; how miscommunication can happen when there are problems or barriers in one of these elements.  Communication can also be enhanced by enhancing these elements.

On a personal note, one of the elements is feedback, is usually underutilized at the workplace and in fact everywhere.

Components of Communication (Seiler and Beal 2008)

DeVito_comm at the workplace

These DeVito (2012) slides are also useful and more detail; he included time, context, feedback and feedforward as elements in a communication process.

DeVito__preliminaries to human communication for UHS 2062


Chap 10 – Understanding Employee Attitudes




Chap 12 – Leadership




Chap 13 – Behavior and Conflict within a Group

Responding to Conflict

Riggio Group Process in Work Organizations

Thomas Kilmann Conflict Management Styles


Chap 15 – Occupational Health

Riggio and Worker Stress etc

Stress and Stress Management

More on personality types

More on coping strategies

job_stress_management ADD SLIDES 1


Enjoy learning